Labour consulting

Consultants and qualified professionals always present, by your side

Labour consulting

Consultants and professionals qualified to exercise the profession assist Clients in decision-making processes, from sharing needs to presenting scenarios for possible action, in line with the culture and style that characterize the specific entrepreneurial vision, proceeding with the drafting or revision of the related deeds and documentary supports according to relevance and transparency, constantly updated with the legislation in force.

Summary circulars on regulatory updates of common importance

Dedicated advice in the interpretation and application of contractual institutions;

Drafting of contracts, contractual changes and deeds in general ad hoc on the specific characteristics and needs of the Customer, constantly updated with regulatory references and clauses of specific utility;

Consultancy and management of disciplinary procedures;

Complete management of access procedures to wage integration tools;

Assistance, mediation and representation in litigation proceedings at the stages and locations of the case;

Transmission of complaints, declarations and corporate communications to Public Administration and private entities via a professional intermediary channel;

Transmission via Entratel and direct debit of monthly F24 proxies balances on customer account.